Kingston Collision Repair Process

The following outlines the procedures involved and important milestones along the way

1. Estimate

To compile an accurate estimate, our appraisers need at least 20 mins.It may be necessary to remove and reinstall some items to access additional damage and compile a complete and competitive appraisal.

2. Repair Planning

Once the estimate has been verified by our repair planners, we send it to your insurance company for review and authorization. Once authorized, our appraiser will contact you and go over the final appraisal.

3. Repair Approval

Your vehicle will be disassembled to create a repair plan. All damages will be documented and damaged parts will be identified.

4. Order Parts

Once the repair plan is complete and authorization has been given, parts will be ordered electrically. Once parts have been received, they will be mirror matched for accuracy.

5. Structure Repair

If required, all structural repairs will be completed and any damaged structures will be returned to manufacturer’s specifications using the latest technology.

6. Body Repair

The repair and installation of parts is a critical step in the repair process. All parts are checked for quality and fit. Repairs are checked, then rechecked before the vehicle progresses to the next step.

7. Paint

Paint preparation is a critical process. Again the finish is checked and rechecked for quality.Our paint experts will verify the paint code and precise colour match.New and repaired panels will be sealed to guarantee adhesion. Waterborne basecoats will be applied followed by the clear coat. The final finish is checked for quality before it enters reassembly.

8. Reassembly

After paintwork is complete the vehicle will be reassembled. All mldgs trims and new parts will be reinstalled.Systems will be reset and a complete check list will be completed before the vehicle is released to our detail department for cleanup.

9. Detailing

After the vehicle has passed the departmental quality check list it will be detailed inside and out.The vehicle will then move to final quality control and be checked and signed off by the production coordinator for final approval.

10. Completed

Delivery is the final step in the repair process. One of our staff members will go over the final repair invoice and inspect the vehicle with our customer for final approval.